What Happens At The Strawberry Foundation?

The Strawberry Foundation focuses on rescuing stray bunnies on the streets and in the parks of Johannesburg. We believe that these bunnies should not be living outside without shelter, without medical care and without proper food. We have various projects running at any given moment in time. Rescuing these bunnies usually include a team of volunteers to trap them.

Once rescued, each bunny is seen by a vet, given the medical
treatment he or she needs, and prepared for adoption. Each bunny needs a foster home until they are adopted.

The Strawberry Foundation is skilled at bonding bunnies, but this is explained in our Strawberry Hotel section. We are also skilled at hand raising orphaned baby bunnies.

What We Do At The Strawberry Foundation

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Monthly Costs

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Our Work

Rescued Bunnies
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Monthly Costs for The Strawberry Foundation

The Strawberry Foundation needs the following every month:

  • 9-10 bales of hay = R700
  • 40-50kg plain pellets (Cat Box Hyper) =R450
  • 4-6kg Burgess pellets =R600
  • 20-25kg fresh herbs = R4000-R5000

Total cost for feeding 1 bunny per month: +/- R150

Bunnies in our care: 40-80 at any given point in time

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