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The Strawberry Hotel

Home Away From Home

Thank you for trusting The Strawberry Hotel to look after your precious fur children. We are now able to board bunnies, guinea pigs, chinchillas, hedgehogs, hamsters and rats. We provide a happy and safe environment for your critters while you are away.

We are committed to delivering the highest care in terms of feeding, observations, health checks, attention, etc.

Please read through this brochure carefully to understand how we practise. We are more than happy to make accommodations to meet your critters’ specific needs.

Click BOOK NOW to make a booking. The process of booking is outlined in the booking document.  

Options and Pricing

We have a variety of pricing options to suit your needs.

THE prices below are for standard suites. Please send an email for pricing of the luxury suite.

The prices below are for bunnies, guinea pigs, chinchillas, hedgehogs and rats. Hamsters pay 50% of the standard fee. 

Total per night:
1 Critter per night in 1 enclosure
2 Critters per night in 1 enclosure
2 Critters per night in 2 enclosures
3 Critters per night in 2 enclosures
3 Critters per night in 3 enclosures
4 Critters per night in 1 enclosure
4 Critters per night in 2 enclosures
4 Critters per night in 3 enclosures

Please contact us for a quote if you have more than 4 critters or if you want to book a long stay (more than 14 nights).


What Is Included?

The above prices include the following:

Expert Care

Daily expert care and observation of your critters. This is especially necessary as they will be stressed from being away from home.

Daily feeding

Daily feeding of pellets as per your critters’ normal routine. Please discuss our available pellets before arrival. 


Water bottles or bowls will be kept clean and full.


Hay supplied twice a day – Lucerne or Oat Hay supplied by us. Please supply your own if you require anything extra.

Greens & Snacks

Greens and snacks according to your critter’s normal routines. 

Illness & Disability Care

There is no extra charge for taking care of ill or disabled critters. Please make us aware of your critters’ needs when making a booking. 


Critters sleep inside at night and can play in pens outside during the day, weather permitted. 


Regular updates on how your bunnies and piggies are doing via Whatsapp or Email.


We love your furry children like we love our own. 



The Strawberry Foundation will only take sterilised bunnies. We understand that there may be reasons why other critters are not sterilised, so please discuss this with us prior to booking. The Strawberry Hotel will not take responsibility for animals delivering babies in our care if they arrived pregnant already. 

Additional Services & Pricing

We have a variety of pricing options to suit your needs.

Please keep in mind that we currently only have 3 inside and 2 outside play pens.

Total per night:
trim nails
R50 Per Bunny
clean scent glands
R50 PEr Bunny
treatment of fleas, mites and worms*
R150 Per Animal
Full grooming of bunny or piggy
R200 per Bunny

* treatment of fleas, mites and worms might be administered and charged for at the Foundation’s discretion if a CRITTER requires URGENT TREATMENT.


Bonding bunnies to each other is a whole story on its own. While your bunnies are booked into our hotel, we will bond them to each other or bond them to one of our bunnies, provided that you have completed the adoption process. This services is not charged for as long as you are paying the boarding fee. Please discuss this with us before booking, as it requires extra time and effort. 

Veterinary Care

If in the event that a critter requires medical attention, we make use of Bromhof Veterinary Clinic or Sunninghill Village Vets’ services during office hours. If medical attention is urgently sought after hours, we make use of Radiokop Veterinary Clinic Or Fourways Vet Clinic. The Strawberry Bunny Hotel will pay for the account while you are away, but you will be required to refund them as soon as possible. All invoices and records of treatment will be kept for you to take to your normal vet. If you require the use of a different vet, please discuss this beforehand.

The Strawberry Foundation has a basic first aid kit of all medicines that a critter might require. Our vast experience allows us to quickly notice changes in a critter’s behaviour and to act accordingly. We will thus be able to initiate treatment before seeing the vet. If this arrangement does not suit you, please let us know beforehand.

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